VAULT SALE! Rare Prints! Artist Proofs!

My VAULT-SALE officially starts/opens on Oct 6 at 12:01AM EST exclusively here in the shop. I will be selling a VERY LIMITED amount of some of my favorite prints from my personal collection that have long since sold out. A lot of these are Artist Proofs and pieces from my personal collection. If there are any specific prints that you have been looking for, or missed when they were available, check out this entire menu of what I will have available. I color-coded the prints so that the RED ones are VERY limited, the YELLOW ones are somewhat limited, and the GREEN ones are still limited, but I have a few on hand. Use this menu to plot any specific prints you want. 

My suggestion is that, if there's one that you REALLY want, you should try to purchase that FIRST before even adding any other prints to your cart, because adding it to your cart doesn't guarantee that you will get it until after your payment processes.

Anything that doesn't sell by Oct 13 is going BACK in the vault until who-knows-when! 

Thank you so much! Hope there's something you like here!
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