Have you ever seen a ton of people online posting about how cool it is that they are at some weird art or comic convention that is 3000 miles away from you and will never come to your “small town”? What about the even more tortuous scenario where the cool art event is literally in your city, but it costs $150 just to walk in the door? Well, thanks to the savior Mike Mitchell, now you can be a part of a new cool art event no matter where you are in the world, as long as you have access to the internet! Even stolen internet will work!!

This weekend, starting Saturday morning, marks the beginning of the very first SOFA-CON, the only convention you can attend (and get exclusive merch) from the power of your couch! Or your bed. Or your toilet. Or even a mountain! That would actually be awesome. Anyway, Mike has gathered 24 artists (myself included) who, over the course of 48 hours, will each be releasing new exclusive prints, shirts, pins, rare art, and who knows what else! You can see the list of artists and the full release schedule HERE at and you can also participate in the Discord Chat before and during the show too!

In addition to just waiting until some stuff is released throughout the weekend, there will be some fun surprises, too, like some live-streaming, giveaways, chats, and surprise drops (from some of the artists). All of those bonuses should be revealed on the discord chat and on the @SofaConOfficial instagram page.

Anyway, I am super excited to finally release my new “SELF-EMPLOYED” capsule collection for Sofa Con this weekend. My collection will be released SUNDAY, MAY 19th at 3PM PST exclusively right here in my SHOP.

Although I can’t promise that I will be releasing anything unscheduled, I am batting around some ideas so please stay tuned to my social networks or the Sofa Con discord!

My releases will be as follows (all available at 3PM PST SUNDAY may 19th at

Are you Self-Employed like me and pretend its all ok always?! Why not show it off proudly with one of the items from my new Self-Employed capsule collection.

Are you Self-Employed like me and pretend its all ok always?! Why not show it off proudly with one of the items from my new Self-Employed capsule collection.


“SELF EMPLOYED” 16 x 20 Giclee Print.
Limited Edition of 75
Signed and Embossed
$60 each

”SELF-EMPLOYED” Red Zip-Up Hoodie
Screenprinted Front & Back
Limited Edition of 100
$55 Each

”SELF-EMPLOYED” White Longsleeve T-shirt
5 Color Screenprint
Limited Edition of 75
$40 Each

5 Color Screenprint
Limited Edition of 75
$32 each


Plus, I will also have an exclusive new enamel pin featuring the unofficial mascot of Sofa Con, THE SOFA KING! Limited to 150 for $15 each.


BUUTTTTTTT, that’s not ALL! Recently, my friend and budding artist Carl Field has been really bugging me to share his art. And since he got out of county jail for swiping some lasagna from a local italian restaurant, so I am going to throw in a FREE sheet of his tattoo flash he’s been drawing with every t-shirt or print order the entire weekend during Sofa-Con:) ANNNNNNND, I’m also going to be randomly inserting Carl Field’s ORIGINAL DRAWINGS into random orders all throughout the weekend, too! Anyone can be “lucky” enough (In Carl’s words) to win one of these drawings!