Because of my busy schedule (which has included enlightening experiences like learning how to grave-rob, eating glitter with Chloe, and getting 3 of my vertebrae replaced with Slinkys so that I can pull off a really convincing "possessed crab walk"), It's been a while since I was able to make it to any conventions or shows. However, there is ONE show that I have been wanting to attend since it's inception, and that show is DESIGNER-CON but every year it has seemed to coincide with other commitments. Until now! Almost at the last possible minute, I decided to take the 3000-mile leap of faith and, like my favorite thing to do at a stoplight, GO! And I am looking forward to visiting every single booth and going "OH MAN, I WISH I MADE THAT!" and then coming home and squeezing out all of the inspiration from the sponge that ill be soaking everybody up in. Because it was such a last-minute decision, however, I won't have much stuff to sell or giveaway, but I WILL have a few new fun things floating around, so if you are going, make sure you keep your eyeballs banana'd (that means PEELED! Im trying to start some new slang) for these things and maybe some more hiding somewhere who knows!

I'll be hanging and posted at DAVE CORREIA's BOOTH #1225 the whole show, so come say hi. See you there!

Oh yah, there IS one big thing that I will be bringing with me, which is a BRAND NEW 24-page art zine that I will be debuting at the convention called "SUREWHYNOT!?" featuring a bunch of drawings for no reason! Or maybe it IS for a reason. Maybe they appear to be for no reason but are actually a Google-collaborative-experiment that records your reactions and uses them against you in your dreams. Who knows. Take a chance. It's fun! 

Here's a map to where I will be with Dave Correia, also alongside some of the best art dudes around, Skinner, Matt Ritchie, and Wayshak