Over the course of 6 years, I would occasionally paint a quick watercolor portrait of one of my favorite movie “monsters” as a little therapy break. This side project quickly became an obsession in revisiting every movie I loved growing up and making myself smile along the way. Last year, all 185 paintings were collected individually and published in my latest art book, called “Doppelgängers”. However, now, all of these maniacs are finally hanging out at the same party. All 185 of my favorite monsters on one giant horrific print.


“DOPPELGÄNGERS” Limited Timed-Release Print
Designed (and signed) By Alex Pardee (ME!), inspired by a lifetime of horror.
36” x 24”
Printed with archival inks on bright cold press cotton rag paper.
$80 each

On sale online for ONLY 13 DAYS, starting JULY 20 at 6AM PST through AUGUST 1ST at 11:59PM PST, after which we close up the Vault of Horror and lock this print away in the dungeon it was birthed in. 

It will be available online exclusively here on my site on July 20:

BONUS COMIC CON EXCLUSIVE: A limited supply of this print will also be available in person at San Diego Comic Con. Anyone who purchases this print at my booth at San Diego Comic Con (BOOTH #5502) will receive a little EXTRA fun: A pair of signed and numbered exclusive “Event Tickets” as well as a cheat-sheet/legend to be able to easily identify each monster and the film they inhabit (both items seen here). The Comic Con price is also $80 each. (NOTE: If I have any extra cheat-sheets or tickets left after Comic Con I will randomly insert them in some online orders).

Thanks so much in advance. This print means a lot to me.


Well, "THE ASTRALNAUTS" art show has officially ended, and there's not much more to say aside from THANK YOU!!! It was an amazing ride, and Matt and I can't wait to continue expanding the Astralnauts universe. If you couldn't see the show in person, or if you would like to visit it again in 2-Dimensions, our good friend PAUL ANTHONY put together this awesome video walkthrough of the gallery and of opening night. 

"ASTRALNAUTS" Opening Photos

"The Astralnauts" Art Show was a complete success, and we can't thank everyone enough for supporting such a weird new world. We are still gathering our senses and decompressing, but please feel free to take a look at all of the artwork that is NOW FOR SALE HERE ONLINE at Gallery 1988, and take a look at a few photos from opening night, courtesy of BEAU RYAN. 

For a full gallery of 100 photos from the opening, check out my Flickr here

The gallery show will be on display at Gallery 1988: West (7308 Melrose Ave, LA, CA) for the next three weeks so please take a stroll in and enter the weird spacey world of mine and Matt Ritchie's "The Astralnauts".



Alex Pardee x Matt Ritchie present "The Astralnauts" Art Show

Long story short, the amazing Matt Ritchie and I are collaborating on a brand new art gallery show.

Now, not many people have the opportunity (or the ability) to time-travel. But Matt and I wanted to venture out of our comfort zone in order to seek out inspiration for our upcoming art show, so….we went into the future. Sure, it wasn’t the most pleasant thing to do, even alongside one of my best friends. Our lungs collapsed from the change in time-velocity, Matt vomited blood almost the entire trip, my skin dried out almost to the point of leprosy, and we’re both now convinced that our stomachs and bowels are permanently turned around 180 degrees. But regardless, it was worth it, just to get a glimpse of the future and to soak up some knowledge, some observations that we could bring back with us to help jumpstart ideas for our new show. We only spent a day in the future (the year 2119), but there was one HUGE noticeable discovery in the future that gave both of us an instant shot of inspiration. It turns out, in the year 2092, after 2 thousand years of speculation and skepticism, scientists are going to discover that, indeed, ghosts and spirits are REAL. Yes, that’s right. Hauntings, possessions, apparitions, poltergeists. All of them are real, and they live among us, as well as ALL of the other inhabited planets in our galaxy. But not only are they real, they are also mischievous, and some of them are downright evil.

And with that little glimpse of the future that Matt and I witnessed, we will be bringing you the world of “THE ASTRALNAUTS”, a motley crew of 5 of the galaxy’s most heroic and renowned ghost-hunters. Together they travel from planet to planet, capturing and containing extraterrestrial ghosts from all corners of the universe.

The Astralnauts”, featuring a new world of artwork and concepts from Alex Pardee & Matt Ritchie, opens on June 10th at Gallery 1988:West in Los Angeles, CA. 
And remember, these aren't your average ghostbusters.

Please follow both myself @alexpardee & Matt @rat136 on social networks for more previews, WIP's and contests!



Because of my busy schedule (which has included enlightening experiences like learning how to grave-rob, eating glitter with Chloe, and getting 3 of my vertebrae replaced with Slinkys so that I can pull off a really convincing "possessed crab walk"), It's been a while since I was able to make it to any conventions or shows. However, there is ONE show that I have been wanting to attend since it's inception, and that show is DESIGNER-CON but every year it has seemed to coincide with other commitments. Until now! Almost at the last possible minute, I decided to take the 3000-mile leap of faith and, like my favorite thing to do at a stoplight, GO! And I am looking forward to visiting every single booth and going "OH MAN, I WISH I MADE THAT!" and then coming home and squeezing out all of the inspiration from the sponge that ill be soaking everybody up in. Because it was such a last-minute decision, however, I won't have much stuff to sell or giveaway, but I WILL have a few new fun things floating around, so if you are going, make sure you keep your eyeballs banana'd (that means PEELED! Im trying to start some new slang) for these things and maybe some more hiding somewhere who knows!

I'll be hanging and posted at DAVE CORREIA's BOOTH #1225 the whole show, so come say hi. See you there!

Oh yah, there IS one big thing that I will be bringing with me, which is a BRAND NEW 24-page art zine that I will be debuting at the convention called "SUREWHYNOT!?" featuring a bunch of drawings for no reason! Or maybe it IS for a reason. Maybe they appear to be for no reason but are actually a Google-collaborative-experiment that records your reactions and uses them against you in your dreams. Who knows. Take a chance. It's fun! 

Here's a map to where I will be with Dave Correia, also alongside some of the best art dudes around, Skinner, Matt Ritchie, and Wayshak