Over the course of 6 years, I would occasionally paint a quick watercolor portrait of one of my favorite movie “monsters” as a little therapy break. This side project quickly became an obsession in revisiting every movie I loved growing up and making myself smile along the way. Last year, all 185 paintings were collected individually and published in my latest art book, called “Doppelgängers”. However, now, all of these maniacs are finally hanging out at the same party. All 185 of my favorite monsters on one giant horrific print.


“DOPPELGÄNGERS” Limited Timed-Release Print
Designed (and signed) By Alex Pardee (ME!), inspired by a lifetime of horror.
36” x 24”
Printed with archival inks on bright cold press cotton rag paper.
$80 each

On sale online for ONLY 13 DAYS, starting JULY 20 at 6AM PST through AUGUST 1ST at 11:59PM PST, after which we close up the Vault of Horror and lock this print away in the dungeon it was birthed in. 

It will be available online exclusively here on my site on July 20:

BONUS COMIC CON EXCLUSIVE: A limited supply of this print will also be available in person at San Diego Comic Con. Anyone who purchases this print at my booth at San Diego Comic Con (BOOTH #5502) will receive a little EXTRA fun: A pair of signed and numbered exclusive “Event Tickets” as well as a cheat-sheet/legend to be able to easily identify each monster and the film they inhabit (both items seen here). The Comic Con price is also $80 each. (NOTE: If I have any extra cheat-sheets or tickets left after Comic Con I will randomly insert them in some online orders).

Thanks so much in advance. This print means a lot to me.

Greg Aronowitz sculpts my GHOST!

The incredible Greg Aronowitz and his magical team of fabricating wizards created the centerpiece for our "ASTRALNAUTS" art show at Gallery 1988 in LA (which is still on display until June 25th, check out the whole show online HERE). The work Greg usually does in the movie and TV industry is phenomenal, but I was BLOWN AWAY by how amazing this WYATT sculpture he did was. So so so great. Watch him and his team at Barnyard FX create Wyatt from scratch in this video below. If you have a chance to see Wyatt in person at the gallery YOU SHOULD GO! HE WILL LOVE YOU!!!! (so will we).

Check it out: